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How to configure MiniBlog as virtual application

Last year I contributed the feature of configuring MiniBlog as a virtual application under your domain. I got a question on the email about this feature this is my answer to the question.

When you configure MiniBlog as virtual application you first need to decide in which path you want it under your website. The example in the MiniBlog documentation is with path blog but for the sake of the example I’ll make it here with path myblog.


To make that work you need to do a few simple steps:

1. You need your website(http://mywebsite.com) to be set us as an application in IIS.

2. You need to paste the MiniBlog code under a folder named myblog in the folder of your website:

if C:\mywebistepath\ is your website’s path MiniBlog should be inside C:\mywebistepath\myblog

3. You need to change MiniBlog’s web.config values as described in the documentation to the new folder name myblog.

and handlers

you can see the full web.config with path myblog.

4. You need to configure the new folder we created to be an Application inside IIS. You can do that by right-clicking the folder in IIS and clicking “Convert to Application”


5. (optional) If your parent website(http://mywebsite.com) is a .NET website you may have problems with inheriting configuration from the parent website’s web.config. In that case you may need to put the parent’s <system.web> and <system.webServer> elements inside a <location> tag like that:

That’s all. When you visit http://mywebsite.com/myblog you should see MiniBlog’s front page working(if you have issues with the styles you may need to refresh the page a few times ).

Happy MiniBlog-ing!


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